Shower Gel For Him (Male) 270ml
March 20, 2020
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March 20, 2020
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Shower Gel For Her (Female) 270ml


A luxurious bath experience awaits you with an enduring fragrance. Makeasy’s shower gel are fused with antioxidants that cleanses and nourishes the body, with its deep cleansing formula. The caring and long lasting fragrance, along with a nourishing glycerine based formula makes Makeasy shower gel an ideal pick for all skin types.


Personal hygiene starts with a clean body and what better way to get rid of dirt than lathering yourself up in shower gel. Makeasy shower gel controls body odor and leaves you with a fresh fragrance that lasts for an entire day. Shower gels are gentle on the skin and have a balanced pH level as compared to soap. Makeasy brings a nourishing formula that rejuvenates the skin without stripping off the layer of essential oils or excessively drying out. The glycerine based formula makes this shower gel hypoallergenic and safe to be used even on a sensitive skin.


  • Long lasting Fragrance Refreshes your entire body
  • Deeply Cleanses, Softens & Moisturizes your Skin
  • Gentle Care of your Youthful Skin
  • Luxurious Bathing Experience
  • Glycerine Based