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June 12, 2019
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HaPee disposable female urination device ( Pack of 40)

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Distressed about unhygenic Public Toilets – Worry No More Ergonomically designed, 100% Biodegradable Water Resistant HaPee Female Urination Devices are here to help you out. HaPee Pee devices are developed for Women of all age group to Stand and Pee with utmost comfort. No more withholding your urge to pee, no more trying to squat or crouching over the toilet seat – JUST STAND and PEE. Specially designed for pregnant women, working women, college girls and women with joint problems each funnel is available for one single use and throw. Easy to Use, carry and throw, Pee Device helps you dodge all Urinary Tract Infections and unpleasant experience due to dirty and unhygenic toilets. Process To Use Pee Device – Step1: Open and unfold the device. Step2: Place and Position the device appropriately. Step3: Stand and Urinate. Step4: Every device is for single use and throw.


  • HaPee is Easy to Carry, Desposable Female Urination / Pee device. No more wiping off the dirty toilet seat, doing semi-squats or holding it in – Just Stand & Pee
  • Super Easy and Hygienic to use, HaPee is must have device for everyday corporate life, travelling, camping and long journeys – No more crouching over or trying to cover up an unsanitized public toilet
  • HaPee is designed to prevent you from all Urinary Tract Infections and unpleasant experience due to dirty and unhygienic toilets.
  • HaPee Stand and Pee funnel is developed for superior comfort of women of all age groups. Pee Device fits easily in your purse, pocket, or glove compartment.
  • Ergonomically designed from 100% Biodegradable Water resistant paper, each funnel is for single use and throw only. Pack contains 40(20+20) Individual funnel.