June 13, 2019
Premium Care XL
June 17, 2019
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Classic Care XL Combo of 2 packs

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Makeasy is a feminine hygiene and healthcare brand that strives to provide optimum level of comfort to the women during period days. The carefully designed skin-friendly sanitary napkins are 40% longer than your regular napkins to provide more coverage and better absorption.

For Superior-comfort and 100% protection throughout the night, always choose Makeasy Classic Care. This classic care 100% cottony soft pads has wings plus 40% extra-long and extra-wide shape in the back to help prevent leakage on all sides. So even on your heaviest flow days, you can have a peaceful night sleep without worry. Advanced Gel lock mechanism ensures complete lock in fluid and the odour control system helps prevent odour for a fresh and confident day and night. Worry Less and Live More with Extra Care Pads from Makeasy


  • 100% Cottony Feel, 2X Softer and breathable Ultra Thin Sanitary Pads for Rash Free Periods Comfortable Usage.
  • Advanced Gel Lock technology for enhanced absorbency and 100% leakage protection.
  • Odour Control mechanism with 40% longer design and wings for extra coverage.
  • Designed with Sterlised air laid paper and non repulsive glue for superior comfort and extra protection.
  • TYPE: Classic Care | Size: XL | Pack: 6 | Qauntity: 42 Pads (6 Pack X 7 Pcs )